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Moving digital assets in and out of virtual worlds

Unlock liquidity via decentralized global markets and allow metaverse assets to be used as extractable collateral – fueling innovative methods of lending in decentralized finance (DeFi).


Join our trusted partners and be a part of our virtual real estate expansion powered through an innovative metaverse aggregator

PRIMARY is a powerful engine that pushes the frontiers of the metaverse as it develops. Becoming a PRIMARY user enables you to solve problems like privacy loss, data ownership manipulation, and online deposit fraud while transitioning decentralized Proptech architecture into a value engineering system.

Building on our PRY dApp, we provide broader exposure to the crypto community a wide variety of Proof of Stake currency across the crypto universe, which are a key tenet of the Metaverse experience. We streamline outdated processes and make it possible for buyers, landlords, and tenants to intuitively send and receive payments. In addition to being a first-mover in the massive, yet untapped market of decentralized real estate management, PRIMARY aims to be the first-of-its-kind P2P marketplace focussing on trading metaverse properties.

Building the premier marketplace for virtual properties

We facilitate the acquisition of high-yielding metaverse properties along with a suite of virtual real estate-centric services. 

Participants can buy, sell, lease, or trade NFT backed virtual real-estate assets on the Blockchain.

About PRY

PRY is the utility token of the PRIMARY dApp and serves as the fuel that propels its ecosystem

With PRY you can unlock liquidity and trade virtual real estate across decentralized global markets. PRY allows for metaverse assets to be used as extractable collateral and fuels innovative methods of lending in decentralized finance (DeFi).

PRY users will be able to move digital assets and NFTs in and out of the metaverse. Digital homes can be used as collateral for loans. Borrow against a valuable piece of virtual land to acquire physical land.

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Our services to help you enter and engage in the metaverse

A specialized marketplace for trading high-yielding metaverse properties across worlds

Decentralized Economy

Decentralized Economy

Decentralized virtual real estate market free of redundancies, outdated intermediaries, and inflated agencies commissions
Immutable Records

Immutable Records

Tamper-Proof records to eliminate risk of fraud, widespread scams, theft of private data and manipulation of privacy
Metaverse Properties

Metaverse Properties

Innovative analytical tools for trading virtual real-estate as commercial yielding properties
Autonomous Contracts

Autonomous Contracts

Trustless smart contracts to enforce the validity and effectiveness of multi-signature agreements across borders
Mainstream Hub

Mainstream Hub

A first-mover dApp for virtual real estate and NFTs, where buyers, tenants and landlords can send/receive payments in different cryptocurrencies
Real-life Partnerships

Real-life Partnerships

Fusing novel technology with real estate demand across borders to establish a next-generation property and NFT platform

Staking PRY

Benefit from different reward programs and stake your PRY either on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. Each of the staking programs offers different incentives in addition to the network’s liquidity provider fees. Choose between MetaMask on Uniswap, Bancor, and Pancakeswap to stake PRY.

Stake your PRY now and get rewards:

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