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Primary Coliving

Because living together is better for everyone

We partnered up with rent24, a leading accommodation provider in Europe, USA and Asia, to bring you the highest level of hospitality. In all of our locations we will accept cryptocurrencies as payment to deliver the most secure payment option to customers worldwide. PRIMARY Coliving spaces will be available for rent and sales using cryptocurrency created with blockchain technology.

Move-in-ready accommodation for your convenience

Moving around with furniture is a thing of the past. Our coliving spaces are fully furnished for comfort and convenience.

Monthly stays for maximum flexibility

Rent a space only for a month. We offer you the flexibility you need to to relocate with little notice whenever you need to.

All-included while being highly affordable

You don’t need to compromise on affordability or quality with us. PRIMARY Coliving spaces include utilities, Wi-Fi, and cleaning costs.

Coliving Benefits

We offer flexible conditions for all lifestyles and needs

Originally rooted in a community living concept Coliving imeans living together with like-minded people to learn from each other and get inspired by a selected group of roommates. The main value of your Coliving experience is getting access to a global community. The spaces are designed and fully furnished to foster well-being and social interaction.

Coliving Application

We provide all-inclusive offers for individuals and groups

Applying for a Coliving space is easy with PRIMARY. Choose a room you like and provide only a few neccessary nachground infirmations to finish your reservation. It will only take you 5 minutes to finish the process. We carefully look at applications to determine if you match the community. Once your booking is confirmed you can begin your coliving journey.

Add PRY to your cryptocurrency portfolio

Benefit from multiple reward programs and stake your PRY either on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. Each of the staking programs offers different incentives in addition to the network’s liquidity provider fees. Choose between MetaMask on Uniswap, Bancor, and Pancakeswap to stake PRY.

Hold PRY for special benefits and discounts:

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