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Automate everyday tasks and run your workspace effortlessly

Whether you are operating a small shared office space or a network of hubs with locations spread all over the country, Primary is the most comprehensive and streamlined all-in-one solution for everyday business.


Billing & payments

Primary will automate and track all your payments and invoicing from each individual customer’s dashboard. Choose from our list of payment providers to accept credit cards, direct debit, PayPal, and more. Every type of your membership plans can have its own price including addible services.

Plan setup

Primary offers you endless possibilities to create individual membership plans. Set up plans by the hour, a few days a week, by the month, or yearly. Add time passes, booking credits, discounted access to meeting rooms and more.


Visitors management

Let potential customers request a tour using the most simplest form. Keep track of visitors and get a list of who is coming into the space as a guest or a member. You will be able to notify all visitors in advance includig instructions about how to get to the venue, access the building and get a Wifi connection.

Creation of opportunities

Utilize Primary as a team organizer and keep track of processes like sales, onboarding of new members or event management. Assign tasks to your staff on-site as different opportunities are added and implement automatic messages for each stage in your pipeline as potential customers complete tours, sign up online or make bookings.


Customizable signup process

Optimize your sales funnel and create a frictionless signup process with our powerful Primary add-on for lead generation. Let your customers choose their membership plan and buy additional services immediately. Securly store their bank details and collect all other required information in your database.

Contract signage online

Issue proposals with automatic upgrades and downgrades or even scheduled step-up pricing. Let prospects review and accept proposals online with an option to sign contracts right away. Store legal documents and make them available for members to download in their member’s area online.


Member's app & social network

Primary provides your members with a fully customized platform presenting any of the services you offer from any device and with full visibility control. They can update their profiles, get an overview of their membership plan, pay invoices directly from their phones, make bookings and connect with other members from anywhere in the world. It is an intuitive portal offering members autonomy and a powerful tool to build a community across multiple locations.

Scan delivery labels

The Primary feature for the pick-up of mailing and parcels lets your teams on-site quickly scan and process delivery labels via optical recognition (OCR). Your staff can upload those to member accounts and let members manage their own deliveries right from the member’s area. Easily manage your front desk and free them from follow-up emails on deliveries.


Resources management

Utilize the beautifully designed Primary booking calendar along with our usage reports to optimize your spaces’ resurces and never exceed your per-day capacity again. If you have a flexible pricing system charge rooms based on their type, time and length of the booking as well as the membership type. Booking charges are discounted automatically from the current members’ plan or added to the next invoice.

Event promotion

Offer your members and external clients a full range of events followed by a seamless booking experience. Create different types of tickets for all kinds of occasions and create promo codes so that your community benefits from special conditions. Add member engagement metrics and get the full details about sales and attendees.


Network and wifi check-in

Our end-to-end, integrated approach facilitates network access for your members. Generate Wifi access codes to quickly let drop-in users enter your network or provide teams with a limited amount of time in your space. Integrate your network with Primary and automatically check members access and also control internet connections.

Access control systems

Let your members worldwide enter your space using either their smartphone or their keypass. You can define different access levels to each of your company’s membership types. Linked to reports you can operate your spaces more eco-friendly, increase cost effiiciency and have a much better overview of your members’ moving behavior.


Your corporate identity

With Primary your account comes with a fully functional dashboard in your own unique corporate identity. We even provide you with your own domain name. The code behind this platform is open sourced which enables you to make your account truely yours. The color scheme and your company logo will give your members the look and feel that characterizes your brand.

Your business stage

Primary supports companies of all sizes all around the world, some serving over 30.000 members per month. We provide you with a number of tools available to map and link multiple locations in your dashboard.


Business analysis

Primary generates statistics with valuable information to help you optimize your business. Utilize real-time reporting about members, revenue, bookings or any other area of operation. Get real insights and share reports with your teams online or through PDF and Excel.

Looking for additional features?

Our platform synchronizes easily with third-party integrations while plugging into some of the most popular payment providers, access control systems, accounting and printing management platforms as well as billing applications.

Primary is workspace software simplified. We make your business future-proof while saving you lots of time.

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