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Facility Management

Integrated Workplace Management Solutions for facility management

Our best-practice facility management solution is based on an elaborate integrated workplace management system (IWMS) that enables accurate process automation with an app for end users, cleaners and technicians.



Our highly functional IWMS software provides you with connectivity powered by standardized web services
Dynamic Services

Dynamic Services

Highly automated processes, automated task management and skills-based dispatch of work orders enables dynamic workflows and performance improvements


State-of-the-art touchpoints open up countless opportunities to handle self-service requests efficiently
Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Up-to-Date KPI dashboards and real-time reportings make impactful data visualization a breeze

Assistance for facility staff

Get the virtual work assistant b Primary that will support your facility staff competently and promptly during day-to-day operations. Combining scheduled tasks with service requests and neatly prioritized and displayed sensor-triggered interventions on floor plans will streamline the everyday business of your facility management performance.

  • Improve workflow dynamics and customer service delivery
  • Manage cleaning, catering, IT and maintenance using an intuitive app
  • Easily integrate new staff into your teams and enable information exchange through an in-app knowledge base
  • Benefit from real-time ticketing and triggers from state-of-the-art IoT sensors

Facility & move management

Stay on top of the rapidly changing workplace and manage your asset portfolio to the utmost efficiency level while gaining visibility into actual space resources.

  • Benefit from computer aided design software (CAD) and building information modeling (BIM) for intelligent 3D model-based process optimization
  • Get insights into changes of spatial data automatically reflected on floor plans
  • Visualize current, past and, future building usages to create detailed forecasts

Service management

Make sure service excellence continuously shapes the tenant’s experience on-site.

  • Use multiple touchpoints for self-service for empowering building users
  • Buy our white-label solutions for customized workflows that reflect your business requirements
  • Profit from ready-made KPI/SLA dashboards, reports and visualizations

Visitor management & reservation

Ensure an optimal visitor flow as well as a perfect meeting and tenant experience.

  • Real-time management of room bookings through a variety of user-friendly touchpoints
  • Integrated booking system and customer service management
  • Visualizations of data, trend analysis and predictions for future business improvement

Team management & ticketing

Supervise facility operations with highly intuitive team software that facilitates work orders, enables frictionless workflow management across multiple interfaces.

  • Categorize and prioritize work orders according to workflow types and statuses
  • Assign resources efficiently inlign with team member skills and availability
  • Oversee performance with up-to-date dashboards
Primary is workspace software simplified. We make your business future-proof while saving you lots of time.

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