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Real Estate

Easy to use real estate and property management software solutions

Primary’s leading proptech solution elevates your real estate management and bundles all your important data and information in one place, easily and comfortably available in your cloud-based control center.

Cost control

Cost control

Generate real value from your property portfolio by saving time and money on day-to-day operations.
Business strategy

Business strategy

Have a single-source-of-truth for reliable management reporting that drives your strategic decisions in the best way possible.
Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting

Data driven reports can easily be exchanged to improve collaboration and knowledge exchange with team members and business partners.
Streamlined workflows

Streamlined workflows

Workflows can continuously be optimized and the quality of work performance can be improved thanks to the standardization of data.

Commercial Real Estate

How can vacant spaces be leased permanently with increased yield and a solid customer base? Start organizing all business data in one place, organize processes with streamlined workflows and make data-based decisions supported with up-to-date reporting.

  • Primary’s real estate management solutions are ideal for both real estate owners and tenants as they support workflow-based automation of processes and portfolio management, asset management as well as rental management.
  • Users can intuitively manage multiple lease contracts and automate financial transactions
  • Keep track of resources, costs and yield levels through real-time reporting and dashboards

Corporate real estate

Multiply the administrative, economic and technical performance of your real estate and harmonize all types of buildings comfortably while business requirements are continuously changing:

  • Acquire expertise in the costs of renting, maintenance, utilities and make data-driven business decisions in the area of buying, renting, leasing, selling and refurbishing
  • Make profit from user-friendly cloud-based software that gives you real-time access to every relevant real estate data and reportings in no time
  • Successfully manage workflows through automated processes

Energy management

Get a full overview of energy resources to benchmark the performance of your buildings and initiate valuable projects for regularly improving your business conditions.

  • Turn your insights into energy usage into data-based business intelligence
  • Manage and improve your energy infrastructure to the detail
  • Supervise costs and manage the maintenance of your assets
Primary is workspace software simplified. We make your business future-proof while saving you lots of time.

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