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Smart Buildings

Smart property solutions and data-driven facility management

Primary’s intelligent building technology solution assists property owners in real-time and helps to boost leverage, service levels, and resource efficiency. Building owners, on-site managers, and third-party service providers appreciate it for its quick and vast ROI. Customers enjoy the software’s usage due to its intuitive functionality and targeted assistance it offers.

Applicable intelligence

Applicable intelligence

AI based building technology of the future is powered by Primary’s underlying integrated workplace management system.
Cloud service

Cloud service

Primary’s cloud software is easy to implement into your system due to its modular design. Book the modules you need or use our expert advisors to choose from the latest applications.
Connectivity across devices

Connectivity across devices

Extended possibilities for capturing data via sensors, visualizations, end-user assistance and a wide range of advanced touchpoints.
Open data

Open data

We share Primary’s applicable software data and a wide range of third party integrations to provide innovative companies with a future-proof solution that is as flexible as your businesses requirements.

Streamline space utilization

Start upscaling your building by monitoring space occupancy and utilization, then leverage this data to fit out the space in the best possible way. The savings potential of streamlined organizations is huge.

  • Analyse workspace utilization
  • Receive data-based recommendations from day one
  • Anonymized data safeguards sensible information

Create healthy, future-proof workspaces

Visualize your building data with Primary and start optimizing the interior design of your workspaces. The comfort and well-being created will retain talent and make employees more productive.

  • Improve the indoor air quality through smart ventilation sensors
  • Constantly supervise the temperature and humidity in all rooms
  • Ensure office-friendly lighting and environmental management of electricity

Self-service control center

Multiple control centers on-site make it easy to navigate groups and individuals in high-traffic areas and large buildings. Visitors can find and book free space across all available floors thanks to color-coded floor plans displayed on touchscreens in the entrance area and throughout the building.

  • Booking of all kinds of space made easy
  • Finding a designated area is quick and convenient
  • Analyze people’s flow and optimize the setup of your transit ways

Intelligent Floor Plans

Primary’s smart floor plans visualize vacancies for short-notice space bookings and service requests or get in contact with other building users. Displayed with clearly visible color codes, these interactive building overviews prevent unnecessary room occupancies and wasted resources.

  • Visitors and tenants can interact intuitively with their workplace environment
  • Individual guidance thanks to real-time sensors data and the user’s historical usage data
  • Encourages activity-based working and supports the creation of synergies among building users

Digital Assistant

Primary’s digital assistant application is a downloadable, agile control center for everything that happens in your building. Users seamlessly navigate their surroundings from their smartphone and can request exactly the services they need in real-time:

  • Room bookings in an instant
  • Easily provide visitors with guidance for their appointments
  • Sync with cloud-based calendars for automated reminders
  • Request assistance by sending tickets
  • Stay connected with your management system

Support for on-site teams

Assist your facilities team on-site with a virtual assistant that gives you an overview on scheduled tasks and service requests as well as sensor-triggered activities – everything streamlined and prioritized on the base of smart floor plan visualizations.

  • Facilitate the service delivery, allocate staff exactly where it is needed
  • Monitor cleaning, catering and repairs easily and more accurate
  • Use in-app work instructions to onboard new staff
  • Manage tasks in real-time thanks to triggers by IoT sensors

Streamline maintenance personnel

With an efficient mobile application technicians can manage your work orders faster and better. Arranging scheduled work, emergency scenarios and triggered sensor alarms can be monitored on the go.

  • Provide images, geomap and a calendar combined in an intuitive dashboar
  • Utilize the offline functionality when your internet connection is weak
  • Ensure quality checks with interactive checklists
  • Get insights on material consumption and time tracking of tasks
  • Access the full maintenance history and related documentation
Primary is workspace software simplified. We make your business future-proof while saving you lots of time.

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