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Primary Metaverse

Building the premier metaverse ecosystem

Within the PRIMARY ecosystem, you can earn by buying, selling or renting PRIMARY lands or just by staking PRIMARY tokens, while content creators can earn building and publishing AR experiences.

The PRIMARY software

PRIMARY is the powerful infrastructure for the flourishing metaverse, merging physical and virtual worlds while creating a new dimension where everything is possible.

The PRIMARY marketplace

All of the relevant digital assets and NFTs will be hosted on the PRIMARY marketplace, a decentralized network that will make the platform truly unstoppable.

The PRIMARY community

PRY is the utility token of the PRIMARY platform. Trusted selected PRIMARY partners will be rewarded by the platform exclusively.

Our Mission

We connect the physical world with the metaverse to make crypto trading profitable.

Our ambition is to become the leading global metaverse company for all use cases, and we are paving the way for innovative industry practices. The future-oriented PRIMARY project will leverage synergies between the deep expertise of its team and the power of its technological components to successfully become a state-of-the-art platform. As a consequence PRIMARY will enable its users to transition decentralized virtual assets into a value engineering system.


A diverse team of talents innovating for good.

PRIMARY is led by serial world-class high growth entrepreneurs and leaders with significant experience scaling companies. The development successes of PRIMARY are based on a team of dedicated and experienced professionals who form a synergistic powerhouse through their shared passion for innovation.

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