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Initial liquidity - 2.500.000 Tokens

Paired with $100.000 to fund initial liqudity pool on Uniswap

Liquidity provision rewards - 100.000.000 Tokens

50 % of tokens to be paired with $/eth from liqudity providers and added as liqudity to Uniswap pool. Liqudity locked for 12 months. Other 50% of tokens vested linearly for 12 months.

Team - 150.000.000 Tokens

1 year cliff, vested linearly for 4 years

Marketing - 200.000.000 Tokens

1 month cliff after which 2% is released each month

Partnerships - 100.000.000 Tokens

3 months cliff after which 2.5% is unlocked each Q (depending on the needs this number can be less and average will never cross 2.5% per Q)

Ecosystem rewards - 297.500.000 Tokens

1% TGE; variable vesting to be adjusted to the needs of the platform (at first decided by the Team later by voting); max 7.5% per Q, 20% per year – max vesting not set

Ecosystem development - 150.000.000 Tokens

1 month cliff after which 1% is released each month

Locking Schedule

100% of the initially provided liquidity to the Liquidity Pool is locked for 12 months.

Vesting Schedule

The tokens allocated for operations, development, marketing, and the team will be vested for 3 years with a quarterly release.


From the total amount of PRIMARY tokens transacted on the platform, 10% will be moved to the vault for 1.5 years on the basis of a linear vesting scheme. After reaching this cap, a portion of these tokens is intended to be partially subjected to locking or quarterly redistribution as reflections to holders through a DAO proposal initiated by a separate governance token. The rest of the amount shall be used to support the expansion of the PRIMARY ecosystem, the incentivization and growth of our global community, liquidity, bounty tasks, the financing of ambassador programs, the new development features, marketing, partnerships, and sponsorships of startups.

Add PRY to your cryptocurrency portfolio

Benefit from multiple reward programs and stake your PRY either on Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain. Each of the staking programs offers different incentives in addition to the network’s liquidity provider fees. Choose between MetaMask on Uniswap, Bancor, and Pancakeswap to stake PRY.

Hold PRY for special benefits and discounts:

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